Analysis of markets, product concepts and licensing partners

> Feasibility
> Annual Plans
Selection of licensing partners and negotiation of agreements

> Licensing-in
> Licensing-out
Development of strategies to enhance license relationships

> Licensor
> Licensee
  Goldmarks is a closely-held corporation established in 1997 to provide brand licensing services focused on packaged foods and beverages. Our clients include licensors, licensees and agencies that require operations knowledge and consumer products experience.

We have developed licensing plans and operating procedures that have enabled a number of multi-division corporations to establish and manage successful brand licensing programs. We have also helped create intellectual property for licensing to help build brands and increase royalty revenue for our clients.

We understand the importance of measurement and accountability, and we seek to utilize performance metrics in our work. This strategic orientation combined with our hands-on approach has enabled us to produce consistent results for clients.

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