Analysis of markets, product concepts and licensing partners

> Feasibility
> Annual Plans
Selection of licensing partners and negotiation of agreements

> Licensing-in
> Licensing-out
Development of strategies to enhance license relationships

> Licensor
> Licensee
  The purpose of the brand analysis is to gain a thorough understanding of the trademark or brand history as well as the competitive environment of the licensor’s core products. This involves an evaluation of the licensor’s brand image, brand identity and brand positioning.

The brand analysis process includes a variety of key considerations and criteria:

  • Product features: tangible features, performance
  • Perceived quality/value: price, differentiation
  • Brand image: intangible, intrinsic value
  • Brand loyalty: repeat purchasers, price premiums
  • Brand awareness: recognition, recall and knowledge
  • Audience: general population, trade
Brand analysis should include assessing the experiences and perceptions of key stakeholder groups (e.g. consumers, trade and prospective licensees).

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