Analysis of markets, product concepts and licensing partners

> Feasibility
> Annual Plans
Selection of licensing partners and negotiation of agreements

> Licensing-in
> Licensing-out
Development of strategies to enhance license relationships

> Licensor
> Licensee
  Partner development activities focus on: product category due diligence, concept development, and negotiation of agreements.

Category due diligence - critical part of the brand license development process. It provides much of the industry and category information that will be used to create sales strategies and to assist in the negotiation of license terms.

Concept development - selection and refinement of licensed product categories. It is important to develop licensed product positioning that is consistent with the licensor's brand image and that appeals to consumers, retailers and prospective licensees.

Licensing-out - identification, qualification and negotiation with prospective licensees. The license sales process is typically the most complex and important phase of the brand license development process.
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