Analysis of markets, product concepts and licensing partners

> Feasibility
> Annual Plans
Selection of licensing partners and negotiation of agreements

> Licensing-in
> Licensing-out
Development of strategies to enhance license relationships

> Licensor
> Licensee
  Licensing feasibility study - used by brand owners to identify licensing opportunities before commencing with a full-scale licensing program. The study can provide informed, unbiased recommendations and create the framework for the licensing plan.

Brand analysis - a critical objective of the strategic planning process is to understand the licensor's brand and core business. This analysis considers a wide range of factors, including product features, brand image and consumer psychographics.

Licensing plan - provides the key objectives, goals, strategies and tactics required to develop, expand and support the licensing program. Licensors should consider the long-term marketing benefits as well as the financial returns or royalties. Accordingly, the licensing plan should include measurements to determine the total value and ROI of the licensing program.
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