We conduct primary and secondary market research for brand owners, licensees, law firms, agencies and consultants. We specialize in online surveys for concept screening and trademark disputes.

Category Analysis

Category analysis involves the collection and evaluation of facts, practices and trends in a specific product or service category. The objectives and budget often determine the process and output or deliverables.

Category analysis can also include competitive intelligence, partner due diligence, and end-user or consumer research.

Concept Screening

Online surveys have become standard operating procedure for new product concept screening. Online surveys provide a number of benefits for concept screening:

  • Fast and consistent application
  • Multiple concepts can be compared
  • Highly targeted reach
  • Relatively low cost

Goldmarks – Concept Screening

Trademark Disputes

We provide survey design, deployment, and analysis to trademark owners, law firms, expert witnesses, and consultants. Our core competency is online consumer research, which is often the best option when there are limited budgets and/or time constraints.

Survey types offered include pilot tests, pre-tests, and factor analysis for common trademark litigation matters

  • Acquired Distinctiveness
  • Likelihood of Confusion
  • Strength of Mark
  • Secondary Meaning

Online surveys can provide a number of advantages

  • Greater speed and flexibility
  • More selective and accurate
  • Less expensive

We utilize Zoomerange, an online platform with proven success

  • 99% of the Fortune 500 use it
  • 3 MIL survey responses collected everyday
  • 25 MIL users around the world

We also have access to the largest consumer panels

  • Consumers and B2B participants
  • Global reach
  • Rigorous quality controls

  Goldmarks – Trademark Dispute Surveys