There are a number of requirements to develop successful licensed products. The “metrics” listed below can be used to evaluate licensing strengths and weaknesses.

I. Brand
  • Brand Strength: Awareness, Tradition, Trust
  • Brand Relevance: Relevance, Authority
  • Brand Support: Promotion, Consistency
  • Brand Appeal: Loyalty, Price Premium
II. Product Category
  • Concept Viability: Feasibility, Extensions, Distribution
  • Concept Uniqueness: Features, Style, Brand Differentiation
  • Concept Brand Fit: Imagery, Demographics
  • Licensee Appeal: Investment, R.O.I., Payback, Licensing Success
  • Retailer Appeal: Familiarity, Gross Margins, Licensing Success
  • Consumer Appeal: Quality, Value, Product Differentiation
  • Sales Potential: Market Size, Demand, Competition
III. Licensor support
  • Staff Availability and Budget
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Cross Promotions and Tie-ins
  • Sales Plan Coordination