With virtually thousands of brands available for licensing, it is important to create clear licensing objectives. Prospective licensees want to know:

  1. What are the best available brands?
  2. How strong is the brand fit and relevance for my products?
  3. Would the brand increase or cannibalize my current business?
  4. How strong is the licensor’s core business (retailers and consumers)?
  5. Does the licensor have appropriate trademark registrations in pl ace?
  6. What support services does the licensor provide (e.g. product development, distribution, promotion)?
  7. What are the licensor’s product quality/testing requirements?
  8. How long will it take to secure the license?
  9. What is the initial investment and ongoing expense of the license?
  10. Do I have sufficient resources to commit to the license (e.g. financial, personnel, time)?